Our Vision and Values

Quality of Service – Quality of life

Quality of service

- Professional service and skilled staff.

- Assurance the job will be done on time on budget.

Quality of life

- Peace of mind the job will be done well, stress free.

- Opportunity for staff to enrich the lives of their families and communities.

Proudly Supporting Our Community

Tasman Mako

Tasman Mako sponsors Vinepower

The Tasman Rugby Union is the governing body for rugby union at the north end of the South Island in New Zealand. 

Life Flight

Vinepower sponsor life flight NZ

Life Flight manages the Westpac Rescue Helicopter that helps people in the lower North and upper South Island and the Air Ambulance Plane service helps people nationwide. 

Sister Company, Tanna Farms

Tanna Farms, Certified Organic Coconut Oil Production, Vanuatu

Tanna Farms Coconut Oil Range, Vanuatu

In 2013, Vinepower business owners Jonathon Bushell and Jason Kennard joined forces with Vanuatu RSE workers to create sister company Tanna Farms, a Vanuatu based Certified Organic Coconut Oil production business. Visit the Tanna Farms website to learn more! 

Thank you

Thank you to the 'Rural Delivery' team for allowing us to use some of their great photos.