About Us


Vinepower is a vineyard labour contracting company based in Blenheim, New Zealand. 

The team provides year-round professional viticulture contracting services to businesses in the region.

We cover large areas of vineyard quickly and effectively, while maintaining the highest delivery standards with staff that are experienced in all areas of vineyard practices, from development to hand harvest.

Vinepower has a 'New Zealand First' employment policy that it supplements with international staff through the Recognised Seasonal Worker program (RSE).

During peak season, Vinepower employs approximately 400 staff. 

Our pricing reflects our efficiencies, yet we offer the 'personal' touch of working alongside vineyard managers and owners to ensure they get the best job completed for their needs.


Vinepower New Zealand at work

Consistently conducting business in a professional manner.


Vinepower New Zealand recognised seasonal employer program

Proving trustworthiness, always complying with required regulations.


Vinepower New Zealand, contracting business.

In everything we do, we are consistent with service, quality of work and pricing.

Vinepower Ltd

3023 State Highway 1, Blenheim, New Zealand

P: +64 3 5795005 

E: admin@vinepower.co.nz